The richest human isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs less. Wealth is a mindset. Want less and appreciate more today.

As we enter another holiday season, we will inevitably be bombarded with flashy advertisements and gift buying guides championing the latest and greatest gadgets, jewelry, cars, and more. And while I’m not against investing in new products that add value to our lives, I don’t like hearing about how people think they “need” a bunch of new and expensive things to be happy. Truth be told, unless we’re investing in our personal growth and taking action, most of the money we spend on things doesn’t make us any happier or better off in the long run. We simply don’t need more fancy items in our closets collecting dust to find joy and contentment. In fact, we can find most of what we’re looking for by paying closer attention to the gifts we already have in front of us the simple yet beautiful moments that make us smile.

  1. A quiet morning.
  2. A hug from someone you love.
  3. Sipping a warm cup of coffee or tea.
  4. Reading a few pages in one of those good books on your bookshelf.
  5. Learning a new skill all by yourself.
  6. Feeling the burn after a power-walk around the block.
  7. A child’s laughter.
  8. Someone special wanting your attention.
  9. Being able to sit with a true friend, comfortably in silence.
  10. Laughing at old family photos.
  11. The moment just after the front door shuts and you suddenly have the whole house to yourself.
  12. Walking around your home and admiring it right after you finish cleaning it up.
  13. The smell of a home-cooked meal.
  14. Throwing food up in the air and catching it in your mouth.
  15. Listening to a song that moves you.
  16. When you make eye contact with someone from across the room and you both automatically smile.
  17. Having an interesting conversation with a complete stranger.
  18. Finding out that others are experiencing the same problem you are experiencing, and finally knowing that you’re not alone.
  19. The satisfying feeling of doing the right thing.
  20. Looking up at the sky on a really clear night and seeing nothing but stars.

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