1. Effects Of Covid-19 On Mental Health.

Studies in 43 countries: Covid-19 patients with high PTSD symptoms & depression, frontliners many mental health symptoms & existing psychiatric patients are getting worse.

2. Trigger Warning (TW) Is Ineffective.

Those who were given TW before being given unpleasant material did not show much difference in terms of anxiety compared to those who were not given TW.

3. More Rich, More Arrogant.

Those who are richer and have a higher status are more likely to think that people who do not agree with their views are not good & biased, even if those who are rich are just lucky.

4. Head Injuries & Depression

Those who have a history of trauma brain injury (TBI) or have suffered multiple headaches are more likely to get depression and less functional psychology even after decades.

5. Dad & Doll

A 5 minute “role-play” session between the father and the doll before the wife gives birth can predict how the father will parenting when the child is born. Researchers observed consistency in the way fathers spoke, smiles, & levels of concern.

Akif Basri Young Minds Malaysia

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