Our group is going to schools, universities, private sectors, and government sectors to promote awareness and break the stigma. The activities depend on what they are focusing on. Schools and universities usually request interactive activities which consume a minimum of 2 and a half hours to five hours including the breaks while the working sectors are more into talks with our professionals.


As our focused group is the youth, in the future job fields, the leadership and teamwork skills are highly important. In this case, we provide coaching that will be handled by professionals to sharpen their skills. In this program, the participants will learn softs skills that can help to improvise their communication skills and confidence level. Those two things need to be mastered by the youth as they will help them not only in working matters but during study time too


We do a conference on mental health to break the stigma among Malaysian youths and to bring the professionals and youth together on one platform to build the actual engagement and to get up the courage that it is okay to seek help. Although in this era people are more connected through social media but to connect in the real world will have a better impact on one’s life.