Webinars and Conferences

We provide free webinars and conferences to the public with influential speakers that lends valuable insights and knowledge regarding the mental health issues of today especially for young minds like you!

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

PFA is a First-Line Psychosocial Support for people affected by crisis events as defined by the World Health Organization. It is very non-intrusive and gives out practical care and support. The objective of the training is to assess people’s needs and concerns. The training also involves:


Here is the link for you to participate in the Psychological First Aid Training!

Mental Health First Aid

Given to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until professional help is available. The training promotes the understanding of mental health illnesses and the ‘know-how’ to help without being overwhelmed. The program also aims to increase awareness of behaviours which if left unattended could escalate to more serious problems such as violence and self-injury.

This training can be applied to people facing these challenges: