Popularity And Depression: Is It Related ?

Who does not want to be popular. Popular causes a person to be praised and adored. Try to imagine how you would feel if praised and adored. All your actions are followed, all your stories are mentioned. Fun is definitely a happy feeling. Is it easy to become popular if you have talent. Like a wet hoarse voice, can sing in a macho and ‘deep’ voice, very masculine. Certainly every song sung, will be ‘trending’ in the blink of an eye and you will definitely have a high ‘demand’. Your popularity increases overnight.


But that may be on the OUTSIDE, because to achieve popularity is easy but to maintain popularity, I am sure you know the answer. Popular is like a delicious dessert, you will want and want more. Even if you know the disadvantages of sugary foods, they are just as addictive. Behind the popularity may be hidden feelings of anxiety, worry and worry. Anxious if you make a mistake. Worry if your popularity is declining, worry if your admirers and admirers quickly turn away and without you realizing it, these feelings have actually opened the door to depression. Especially, when it is at the top. Everything looks beautiful and happy.


Suddenly you express feelings of sadness, worry, worry. Isn’t your life quite ‘happy’ and lucky, so popular in the blink of an eye. Adored and praised throughout the space. virtual world and print media. Not to mention electronic media. Your face is plastered here and there and in every program, thunderous applause is heard every time your name is mentioned.


Thus, if someone we see as successful, stylish, popular says that he feels sad or depressed. Listen to him without haste to punish, for having a happy feeling, but at the same time worrying and anxious, can put a burden on the emotions to be accepted.Depression is present regardless of appearance, property, rank and popularity. Not a couple who are so famous and popular living in depression. In fact, many act to commit suicide. Yes, suicide and certainly not one or two who live in depression due to failure and poverty. In fact, this is one of the main suicide factors

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