Why think or act to commit suicide? Our society is very agile and quick to punish and punish those who try to act for suicide or who have had no suicide consequences. But to what extent are we as netizens as well as a progressive society trying to understand about suicide? Why?

Have we ever asked ourselves, what is our responsibility to prevent this from happening again. What we can help with, here I list some reasons why a person thinks or acts to commit suicide:

  1. Have serious depression.
  2. Influenced by psychotic symptoms.
  3. Affected by drug abuse including alcohol.
  4. Losing someone or something valuable.
  5. Feeling lonely and alone (although actually have family members / friends).
  6. Ever tried to commit suicide.
  7. Has a chronic disease and does not heal like cancer.
  8. Feeling hopeless and believing the situation will not improve.
  9. Think there is no way out of the problems that are happening.
  10. Serious financial problems.
  11. Feeling that the help needed will not come.
  12. Feels no one can understand and accept themselves.
  13. Feeling useless, isolated and despised.
  14. Try to share the story with family or close friends.
  15. Instead it is underestimated.
  16. In an ‘abusive’ relationship (such as being abused by a husband).
  17. Having a traumatic life as a child such as being physically and sexually abused.
  18. Have a family member or close friend who once acted to commit suicide.

This is just a small part of the big picture of why suicidal thoughts and actions occur. The rest ? Our job together is to immerse ourselves in it. Remember, actions as simple as listening to one’s expressions and problems can help in an effort to prevent suicide.

Together Prevent Suicide

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