Many people think that individuals who try to take their own lives are FAILED individuals

  • Fail in their lives
  • Failed to solve their problem.
  • Failed to control emotions.
  • Failing to prevent from getting emotional disorders.

Some argue that their lives should end that way, because anything else can be expected from someone who is unable to manage even just their own problems. So, we can easily label them as inmates of hell or whatever deserved title deserves. But what we forget is the definition of failure that we adopt. We give the meaning of failure in the context that we do not face the challenges they go through.


Failing to understand the context of those who commit the act, while in this context, we are not talking about individual failure, but the failure of the psychological system is caused by disease. It has to do with sanity. we talk about failure in a healthy context. Not the context of pain because that is what we easily bring. In the context of mental illness, problems in life are not a prerequisite for illness, some are ill for no reason and it is destitute to that point. If asked to this individual at a healthy time, no one will choose that path. And even when they are sick, they try their best to control it. Some are successful and some are less fortunate. It may be that they have managed to control it hundreds of times, but that is our concern, only once did it fail.


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