The world is at war with us

This one (I am certainly not us) mortal beings who have expired are hated by the world and all. Why is that, maybe the list is long or maybe we don’t care what the cause is. To be sure, what is coveted is not wanting to be with the world anymore. Problems that burn slowly or stress that suddenly becomes acute, inflames the bag of guts immediately disperses strength, our personalities are littered and all look at us with disgust and contempt. The narrative begins as :

  • You are weak’
  • ‘You are gray’
  • ‘You are lazy’
  • ‘You can just snap out of it’
  • ‘If you choose to be like this, you’ll be’

The narrative begins like this :

  • You are ungrateful
  • God does not love you anymore because you forgot
  • Everything is there, it is enough, I want it like this too, make up your mind.
  • This is just a phase, you get over it
  • ‘his is man-made

If this is the case, you are not wrong to say the world hates you. You are not wrong if you almost want to believe those evil and stupid narratives. You are also not wrong if you believe there is only one way out. However, you can still choose to get the right and authentic help or treatment.

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