Time Management: ‘Pills’ For Those Who Have Difficulty Planning

Planning is not an easy task, with our daily busyness and various tasks and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. We usually become stagnant and eventually everything becomes piled up and cluttered. It’s like a negative wheel that doesn’t want to stop. The day is getting worse. The important thing becomes obsolete and eventually left behind. The less important ones become important. Which does not immediately become immediate because of the delayed and delayed attitude due to other things that are also delayed. This is all very annoying, especially when you do not have space to relax, ‘lek lek lu’, ‘sat lagi fikir’, ‘esok lah’ and so on. This is because your work is unlikely to end, even INCREASING. Here I include tips for those of us who have problems solving plans, projects, headaches and so on.


If you are stuck, stop for a moment to think about it, do other activities that have nothing to do with it but are beneficial. For example, taking fresh air outside, exercising, meditation / remembrance, prayer or anything calming. Then try again to solve the problem.


It is therapeutic. Because the success of solving the problem gives confidence to you to solve your problem. And you now have a friend who can help. SOLVE THE MOST IMPORTANT, list your problems from the most important and immediate to the unnecessary immediate and unimportant. This can help you see priorities and focus. Get rid of anything unnecessary and unimportant for the time being

START WITH THE EASIEST, List your problems from the most difficult to the lightest. Finish starting from the lightest and raising the difficulty level after completion.

BREAK INTO SMALL COMPONENTS Solve the problem into smaller ones.
Example: You need to send a report to your boss. So, break it down into:

  • Specify the report you want to send
  • Prepare a reference file for the report
  • Type the report
  • Email the report to the chairman for review
  • Print the final report
  • Send to the chief



GIVE PRIORITY TO WHAT IS IN YOUR HANDS, Solve what can be resolved at that time and place. No need to think about something that really can’t be done. Without finishing what is at hand first. FOR REWARD TO YOURSELF when successfully solving a problem.

ATTRACT PRIVILEGES IN THE DAILY ROUTINE, Withdraw privileges in your daily routine if you fail to solve tasks / problems that you have planned to solve. Example: can not watch your favorite drama tonight if the task / problem is not completed. In addition, NOTE AND UPDATE by providing a small notebook that lists all assignments. Even the things you think are very ‘small’. Include the date it was recorded and when it should be implemented (if necessary)

DO PROBLEM SOLVING TRAINING by doing activities in the form of ‘problem solving’.

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