You ask why am I depressed, How difficult is my life, What accident happened to me so depressed, Do I not know how to be grateful, Am I far from the favor of our Lord, Are you accusing me of being weak, Is it fair for you to equate my grief with yours?

You told me to be patient, you are my direction of prayer, you excite me so strongly but when I look for you, you are not there. When I ask you to listen your ears are closed, you said all human beings have challenges. Again you ask, I was so strong.

I ask you, have you ever felt this sadness of mine, how tired do I feel, how crowded is my mind, and how confused, confused is my soul ? By the way, have you seen tears on my prostration, have you ever heard a prayer on the catchment of my hand. Do you know i have used all my strength just to breathe at this point, I’m exhausted and my efforts came to an end

My mind is no longer as healthy as it used to be, the joints in my body seem to be locked tightly. Then my mind no longer obeyed my wishes. My feelings were full of grief and blood that was not seen but the pain was unbelievable. Eyes do not sleep at night, the sound of crickets seems to indicate my sadness, no longer a melodious song.

Are you still accusing me of pretending ?

Yes, I can still smile because I am ashamed to be ridiculed by the blink of an eye. Do not be insulted what I feel because this depression is present without being asked. Do not remove a piece of hope that still exists, I really think this life is getting worse.

Help me so that I can breathe life back to normal

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