In this sophisticated age, many people are looking for ‘likes’ on facebook and insta. From provocative pictures to clever ideas that are projected to gain likes and popularity. But there are also those who make psychiatric illness to gain sympathy and popularity. Because everyone knows that sick people need to be taken care of. However, lately there is a NEW trend! Making depression / depression a kind of trend to be displayed on social media.

I actually ‘can’t brain’ people like this, why not make ringworm a trend. Try posting a picture of your ringworm on facebook and wait for the ‘like’ from your friends. Why want to make depression, depression, suicidal desires as your popularity material. Are you actually not that smart. To your knowledge that supposedly has many followers, your actions are wrong. Your grief when your beloved pen is gone, is NOT the same as the depressive illness faced by psychiatric patients. Try to understand for a moment, if possible print, boil and drink so that you understand that this life is not just to get ‘like’ or for cheap publicity. Imagine someone else who really needs help. But it is considered just looking for popularity or attention seeking.

How do they feel?

I want to reprimand those who are supposed to be artists, which released the weird status quo on facebook and instagram. You will not be more popular if you say you are depressed. This is not a joke, the mental illness exists and those who are going through the illness are fighting the disease and they are really impressed with your actions.

This is not a toy or a non-capital joke for your latest song. Remember, psychiatric illnesses come in many forms. Eliminate stigma against psychiatric illness and patients. But remember, do not ‘ride’ a psychiatric illness merely for your cheap popularity.

Depression is not a trend.
Its an actual illness.

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