There is no end to the emotions of this evil one. You are confused because your life feels well organized and run perfectly but still like this. Why is this soul, feeling and emotion like a broken machinery that its master no longer wants ?. It moves a little bit and you start paranoia is your life no longer useful as it should be? (Even the reef is still useful if thrown into the sea). Those who are pious advise, should meet God and talk to Him. The wise say, you have to think and think and rational thinking is always the absolute winner. Those who love will persuade, you must always smile with that smile came down to the heart and the soul also smiled.


Such support is a human need. However. The fear continued to strike, no matter where it came from, at first just greeted, then patted, this time it sounded like a bell. Feelings of guilt and despair begin to creep up. Is this the spiritual phase that human beings go through or the mystical effects that are not invited. Perhaps there are body elements that can be handled. Perhaps there are genetic and chemical elements that can be managed.

Armed with good advice, and based on God’s command to treat you with a specialist,
You chose to come here.

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